Turn your skill, knowledge and expertise into an online course or digital program so you can generate more income, help more people, stabilise and then scale your business

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Imagine, your business generating income while you sleep, go on holiday, speak at events or write that book you've always wanted to do!

Imagine being able to reach & serve more of the clients you really want to work with AND gain more time and income at the same time

This is a reality YOU can have

No more confusion, frustration & wasting time & money trying to work it all out yourself...

Enroll in The Course Creation Accelerator Program & get started straight away

"I am delighted to say that with Sara’s help, I’ve completed the task! I have created my first online course ‘Sibling Harmony – Helping you to help your kids to get along’. "

Jacqui Shankly
Play and Family Therapist

"I've just finished my first online course and I did it with the confidence that Sara was there to support me and she was! She pushes you out of your comfort zone just enough, she encourages and supports you and believes you can do it. And I did! "

Wendy Hill

Do you really want to stay as you are right now?


Truth is, if you want to make a change, you have to take action and do something different.


The quicker you get your course created, the faster you can be selling it, making a bigger impact on clients AND upscaling your profits!

I bet when you started your business, you took the leap because you wanted to be more flexible with your time, work on your own terms AND be able to earn more money.

But so many business owners find themselves working way too many hours & become reliant on ‘feast and famine’ income work, you get don’t work (by taking time off or not having enough clients!) don’t get paid OR you are working flat out, don’t feel you can charge more and can’t serve enough clients to reach the income levels you want!

It’s exhausting...and not necessary  

BUT I bet you ALSO realise that saying things like “not right now, I’ve not got the time”, “I’m no good with tech”, “I’ve too many ideas and don’t know where to start” OR “I will when……(and it might never happen!)” is only going to keep you exactly where you are right now.

Here’s the thing...creating an online course or membership site IS going to take some thought, time and effort...


Want to know the secret to being able to scale your business online?

YOU have to think, act and implement like an online business owner!

If you want to build an online MUST have online products to sell.

So let me ask you this...

Are you sick and tired of ‘messing about’ with thinking and talking about this but not getting anywhere with it...still not having anything to sell?

Are YOU READY to learn new things, be coachable, implement AND create an online course you can be proud of and sell?

If you said yes, let’s do it and enroll now

OK, let's breakdown The Course Creation Accelerator Program and show you how you'll get your course created, online & selling

This is so much more than a DIY course...

..each week new materials will be released to you do it in the right order, don’t find it overwhelming and can stay on track...THIS will help you get it all completed and reduce procrastination! (Yup, I see you...)


The Program is broken down into 4 key phases:


Most people don't finish or even start creating a course due to their lack of clarity on what ACTUALLY needs to be done, where to start and how they will do it.

YOUR time is precious so in this phase you’ll learn how to gain clarity on exactly what needs to be done, how you are going to do it and in what order it needs to be done. Only then can you implement with confidence and speed.

Simply following my “STANDOUT” Clarity framework and completing the work in this phase you will:

  • Know what type of course is the right fit for you to create
  • Know who YOU want to buy your course
  • Know why they will buy from YOU
  • Have confidently chosen a name and price for your course 
  • Have confidently mapped out all your course content and know it will work and get results for your clients
  • Know exactly what you need to produce to ensure your course becomes a finished online product
  • Have tested and be confident your course will SELL



Now armed with confidence and your devised 'killer' course, it's time to attract, connect & build a relationship with your desired audience.  Crucial to ensure you are not creating a course and launching to a 'tumbleweed' response!

By completing the work in this phase you will have:

  • Confidence on how to communicate with your ideal client

  • Devised an irresistible lead-magnet

  • Set up a landing page with email sign-up form

  • Written an email sequence to deliver and nurture your new sign ups and get them excited with what's to come

  • Produced a DT (Drive-Traffic) plan

  • Devised your connection and launch strategy 


Now, while you are building and warming up an audience, it’s time to make sure there is a product to sell, so in this phase you will create and finish your course

By completing the work in this phase you will:

  • Produce your lead-magnet, course printables, slides and graphics
  • Film, create, record and edit your course video content
  • Upload your videos to your chosen course platform
  • Set up your ‘community support’ group (optional)
  • Write and set up your on-boarding and welcome emails



Once everything is online, you are ready to convert your leads into sales

By completing the work required in this phase you will:

  • Write and set up your sales and thank you pages
  • Set up your ‘check out’ page and payment processing 
  • Connect them to the welcome and on-boarding emails
  • Time to celebrate, launch and 'open cart'

PLUS you'll get these bonuses too!

ONE PAYMENT BONUS VALUE $797 // The Pre-Sell Your Course Formula

If you are in a hurry & need some cash to get you going, this course will help you sell your course BEFORE you go into full creation mode. (Available after 30 days)

ONE PAYMENT BONUS VALUE $797 // Present like a Pro!

A little nervous about going on camera for parts of your course or to do 'live' broadcasts on social media? Then this is for you. Just work through my 7 simple steps and you'll be presenting like a pro in no time (Available week 8)


ONE PAYMENT BONUS VALUE $797 - Your Launch Webinar Made Simple

Getting your webinar right will make all the difference to your launch sales. Follow the template and make it your own. Slide by slide template for you to follow and make your own! (Available week 9)


With Sara and your fellow members in a members' zoom room - great chance to ask questions directly and work through any 'blocks' that may be holding you back

These calls are invaluable - you are not being left alone - help is there if you need that extra bit of support

You've got this!



Perfect place to be accountable and have your questions answered as you go through the content. You may well meet some amazing contacts and future JV partners in here too!

Invaluable to be a part of a great community where everyone is understanding what you are doing, cheering you on and has your back if you have a wobble.


I've teamed with THE wonderful Copywriting GURU, Laura Robinson from Wordidudes. Her incredible sale page copy workbook will take you through EXACTLY how to write copy that will take "mildly interested persons into cash paying customers"
No more feeling sleazy about sales! Get your copy right and feel confident with how you sell online.

Book a call with Sara to discuss if this is right for you
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Frequently Asked Questions

Be reassured this is very common. In PHASE ONE - CLARITY you'll be able to work out exactly what is the right course/digital product for you to start with

If you are just starting out and KNOW you can teach others something of value, help someone through a difficult task or show them how to create something THEN YES.

In fact this is a great place to start as you will be saving yourself HUGE amounts of time and money trying to work it all yourself. Trust in the process and you'll soon be building the online business of your dreams!

Wooo hoooo yes!

If you have a coaching program or a workshop that takes people through a process then ABSOLUTELY you can turn that into a course. You may find if you have a series of them that you will also be able to create a suite of courses or even a membership site.

BUT you must start with one, you'll be able to work out which one and get started.

Oh my favourite one. Yes! One of my super powers is helping you simplify processes and understand exactly what you actually need to do. My step by step 'how to' videos take you through it with ease. Most people can't believe how easy it is once they get started!

Also if you don't want to do the tech side there is also help about how to find the right resource to help how to outsource it.

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, but it is not designed for you to come in and take a look around and then decide it is not for you. PLEASE ensure this is the right course for you before you commit to it.  If you do all that is asked of you in the first 30 days, attend the group calls and participate in the group and can present proof of all task and assignment activities having been completed and are still not satisfied, your money will be refunded.

If you are super excited to be joining me, ready to follow my process, open to being coached and prepared to do the work...then this is DEFINITELY for you!

I'm not going to sugar coat this and say there won't be any additional expenses as it all depends on you, what you want and what you already have.

So yes, there will be some expenses

I reveal what I use within my online business and of course you are advised to do your own research as well. BUT I always advice NOT to purchase anything until you know exactly what you want to do. For example - you can run out and spend thousands on a new SLR camera for your videos...but may find that using your smart phone is the better option for you right now. 

Part of the great value in this course is you understanding everything involved and where best to spend your hard earned cash right now. 

You can create a course on a small budget. If you have a computer, internet connection and a smart phone, you can create a course for just a few hundred dollars.


I totally believe in getting started and this whole program is designed to ensure that if you do the work, you'll have a course create online and selling. 

Just like Rome wasn't built in a day - your life isn't likely to change massively overnight once this happens (unless you have a huge audience already waiting to buy which is not the case for most) 

BUT it will never grow if you don't get started... you have to make a start somewhere. There are a few ways you can 'launch' and get started and I always advice that for your first you actually keep it fairly small. WHY? Because you ARE going to make mistakes AND you ARE likely to want to make a few few tweaks as you get more feedback. So don't let worrying about massive launches stop you from creating your course.

Massive confidence comes from getting the course finished. You'll feel proud and excited and will want to release it out you'll be able to find the way that best suits you...BIG or small.

No, not at all. In the Clarity phase you'll work out exactly who you will be perfect for your course and then in the Connect Phase, you'll understand how to start building a list and following. Starting from scratch can be an advantage, you'll be targeting exactly the right audience for you. It's often better to have a small, fresh and engaged list.

No! This program will give you everything you need to build an online business from scratch.

If you have something to teach

If you are starting up - you are going to be saving yourself a huge amount of time and money by simply following the steps to get you up and running fast.

OK, here's the thing. It IS my recommendation that you do if you can and in the ONE PAYMENT option I include a great course called 'Present like a Pro' which takes you through the 7 steps to being confident on the point where you are likely to enjoy it!  I was a Pro Photographer so I know exactly how to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

However there are a variety of ways you can present courses and in the program you'll see the options..should you feel the need to hide a little :)

Book a call with Sara to discuss if this is right for you
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MASSIVELY IMPORTANT: I only want you to invest in this program if you are fully committed to do the work to get the results. There is a great deal of quality coaching support involved, so please be sure this is for you before you enroll. There is a 30 day money back guarantee BUT you will be asked to prove you have completed all the tasks due and attended and participated in the group coaching calls before a refund would be issued. Please be sure this is for you.

Let's take the risk out of this...

MASSIVELY IMPORTANT: I only want you to invest in this program if you are fully committed to do the work to get the results. There is a great deal of quality coaching support involved, so please be sure this is for you before you enroll. There is a 30 day money back guarantee BUT you will be asked to prove you have completed all the tasks due and attended and participated in the group coaching calls before a refund would be issued. Please be sure this is for you.

Book a call with Sara to discuss if this is right for you
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