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Ready to stop faffing around and get your online course/program ACTUALLY finished and launched, so you can finally start to build the business of your dreams?


have been thinking about and dabbling with all this for a while, learning plenty of stuff about your ideal client, your content, naming and pricing it, how you might launch it (I hear you..."Oh ...am I really going to have to do that?" ) putting together sales pages, oh and where do you start with actually recording the content, what mic do I need to buy?...IS THIS ALL sounding familiar?

Everytime it feels like it's done....you have a plan, and a date for launch....yet another thing comes up that needs to go on the to-do list. So near....and yet so far....

BUT here's the truth...whilst you feel you are getting there a bit...for some reason you are JUST NOT GETTING IT finished...maybe something is holding you back? Maybe you know you're procrastinating, self sabotaging or just can't seem to decide exactly what you need to be doing first.

You are tired of trying to work it out and are ready to get some expert help, so you can get it finished and start to build your business the way you want it, stabilise your income, free up your time AND live how you really want to.

Oh, I hear you...

I have been there, I hear you and I KNOW that you are here on this page right now, because, you REALLY want to do this, you are sick and tired of feeling stuck, you know YOU having an online course/program will help others and is a great way to scale your business! You KNOW you have it in you, you just need clarity, supportive guidance and maybe a little butt kicking and accountability, so you can get it finished, online and launched!

Would this help?...

When you work with me 1-1 to get your course launched I will....

  • listen to you, so you can unpack the mess in your head, then we can get an action plan together, so you know exactly what you need to do next
  • guide you through the full process of course/program creation from start to finish so you can build your online business
  • Help you see your online business options and what will work for YOU and suit your personality
  • Help you smash through imposter syndrome, break through procrastination and help you recognise and deal with self-sabotage, so you can move forward and get it all finished!
  • Help you unravel the tech issues and show you exactly what to do
  • help you identify the best way for YOU to become more visible, attract and connect with and grow your audience
  • help you finalise what to ACTUALLY put in your course and create a program that works and that you can be proud of and sell with ease!
  • help you see the value in your course and what makes it unique
  • take you step by step through lead magnet, email sequence (including what to say!!) and sales page creation

Are you getting excited yet?

So who am I to help you?

I've been active in business for over 25 years. From the corporate world of magazine publishing to running my own businesses for over 14 years. Sales, marketing, media and how to use tech to grow businesses is totally my bag.

I AM totally passionate about helping you get your business online so you can share your knowledge, feel more fulfilled, stabilise your finances and grow your business. It feels uncomfortable to embrace new ways of doing business, learn new skills and become more visible online...and I know how to get you through this.

Get started

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Ready for the next step?

I only work with people I know I can get results with, who I feel will put in the work and are prepared to get through the uncomfortable learning curve BECAUSE they can see the benefits on the other side for their clients, themselves and in turn and their loved ones.

Now, I love transparency, so take a look below at the options I offer before you apply so you know what sort of investment you are potentially looking at and what you think you might need x

So if you like what you see so far,  please fill in this form and if I think at this stage I can help you, I'll send you a link to book in a zoom call with me and we can see exactly, where you are...where you want to be AND if we are a good match, I'll show you exactly how to get there.

To your success

3 Ways to work with me 1-2-1

(Yes...those are prices, so you know what to expect...I like it that way x)




A 90 min 1-1 consultancy call that takes place online. 

What will it cover?

Whatever you need!  From crafting a marketing and business strategy for your needs to tackling a specific problem that is holding you back. 

How does it work?

Tell me what your problem is when you book,  I'll show you how you can solve it in the session and you'll get an action plan & recording of the call, so you can confidently get started straight away

What included in the package?

  • Pre-meeting assessment to fill in, so we can hit the ground running in your meeting
  • 90 min online zoom call with me
  • Action plan emailed afterwards
  • Access to a recording of our call
  • Email/Messenger support for one week after the call
Book your session here



An in-person one day intensive deep dive


What will it cover?

Again whatever you need, let's look at where you are and what needs to be done to get it finished. We can unpack where you are stuck and get it sorted...even get the laptops out and get it finished, online and ready to take sales OR if you are starting from scratch - we can get your perfect course identified, the course content mapped out and even get the framework online for you! In your pre-day contact with me we will have made a plan for the day, based on your needs, so you'll know exactly what we will complete on the day (See above for what can be included)

How does it work?

Click the button below and fill in the form so I can see exactly what you need help with.

I will then send you a link to my diary where we'll jump on a call & quickly discuss your needs further and check we are a good match and make a plan for our time together - we'll then book in a date to do the work together.

What included in the package?

  • Pre-meeting assessment to fill in, so we can hit the ground running
  • 1 intensive full day with me (location Birmingham or Lichfield)
  • Follow up 45 min online call 
  • Email/Messenger support for one week after the day session
  • Action plan after the session
  • Lunch!
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Whether you have got yourself in a mess or want to start from scratch, I'll guide you through the process and every step along the way. 

What will it cover?

Everything you need, to get your online course/program created, online and of course selling and integrated into your business. 

If you have an offline business and you are looking to get online - then this is for you

Your bespoke program will be based around my proven 4 phase framework of Clarity, Connection, Creation and Conversion, you'll be guided through the obstacles and we'll smash through any pesky blocks that try to get in the way too.

No messing. You'll be confidently working on the right things, at the right time to get the results you want

How does it work?

Click the button below and fill in the form so I can see exactly where you are right now

I will then send you a link to my diary where we'll jump on a call & quickly discuss your needs further and check we are a good match. If all is good, then we'll get started asap.

What included in the package?

  • An initial deep dive full day in person session (or online equivalent)
  • Fortnightly online 121 calls
  • Recording of each call and follow up action/plan & notes after each call
  • Email/Messenger support for the whole 90 day program

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